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Hello and welcome to Vintage Loop!

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We welcome all clients from all interest levels and world locations, taking an avid interest in your recording studio endeavors.

We engage with the needs of the beginning studio owner and performer to the long term studio icons spanning decades in the recording and music industry.

Our business is to provide the finest recording studio and performance equipment solutions as assets toward developing your trademark sound product quality and the resulting relationships with your artists, clients and customers. We are known for this dedication across North America and internationally.

We sell both new brand name, warranty covered, sealed box items and vintage microphones, preamps, compressors, effects, tracking devices, equalizers,... anything leading to final mastering of your [or your client's] recording project...
Additionally, as a pro audio reseller, we are able to be about the business of relocating any recording studio assets which are no longer relevant to your studio activities, and at the same time, through our pre-owned products list, can make you aware of available recording equipment assets which you may aspire to own. 

Vintage Loop has gained a worldwide following with our repair and refurbishment services which initially started with Altec tube mixer amplifiers and compressor amplifiers, and has proceeded to refurbish many others...

We represent and supply new recording studio and pro audio products lines as well. Vintage Loop offers you, and evaluates in detail, recording studio tools which reflect highest standards of sonic character, visual appeal, innovation, quality engineering, and responsive warranty service. Our endorsements in these products occur as a reflection of our relationships with and belief in those manufacturers listed herein.

We offer 'brokerage, consulting, and sales services for anything studio'...

All the best to you as we work together in the privileged recording
and performing  arts community!

*top line brand names we carry...
Telefunken Elektroakustik USA
ADK Microphones
Accusound Cable
D.W. Fearn
LaChapell Audio
Crane Song Ltd.
Jensen Speakers
Celestion Speakers
Grace Design
Universal Audio
Toft Audio
Vintage Loop Altec refurbs
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