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Telefunken Elektroakustik Microphones
 + Accessories Product Line
Diamond Series vintage tube mics
RFT Series tube + Fet Mics
Dynamic Microphone Series
Telefunken Elektroakustik Diamond Series Tube Microphones
Ela M251E U47 U48 C12
Telefunken Elektroakustik Dynamic Series Microphones
M80 M81 M82
M81 WH
M80 chrome/gold
M80 Assorted Color
D6 | D7 drum mic kits
Telefunken Elektroakustik TDP1 TDP2 TDA1 TDA2 DI direct boxes
Telefunken Elektroakustik THP29 headphones
Telefunken Elektroakustik RFT Series tube and FET Microphones
AR51 AK47 mkII CU29 M260 M60 tube and FET microphones:
D.W. Fearn
VT-1 VT-2 tube preamps
VT-4 VT-5 tube equalizers
VT-7 tube compressor
VT-24 4-ch. tube preamp
VT-3 tube DI direct box
LPB-1 line match box
PDB passive direct box

LaChapell Audio
992EG 583 983
tube microphone preamps
503 tube EQ
vintage tube amplifiers
1567A mixer amplifier
436 A-C 438 A-C compressor amplifier
1566 preamplifier

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Accusound Cable Co.
All high quality copper cables for maximizing signal transfer from instruments, studio interconnect patching ...
Jensen Speakers
AlNiCo and Ceramic
P10R P12Q P12N
C10Q C12K C12N
Mods | Jets
Celestion Speakers
G12M VIN30 G12-65 Creamback
G12H Heritage  ROLA-65 
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Thank you for inquiring about ADK microphones (Audio Deutch Kraft). ADK offers an impressive performance and outstanding value for your microphone needs.

ADK microphones entered the world market with their initial entry Area 51 product line. Today they have advanced a long way in developing a wide array of technologies and microphone choices. Offering both FET and tube circuit designs, along with sonically appealing capsule designs, ADK product line includes the Studio tube and fet series, 3-Zigma CHI multi-capsule systems, and Custom Shop Z-Mod tube mic systems.

Vintage Loop offers a few quite focused ADK microphones for covering live audio and studio needs, thought to be the best for results and monetary efficiency.

ADK is a high quality choice that is ever evolving its sonic character, cosmetic craftsmanship, and manufacturing quality control.

Headquartered in Portland, OR, USA, capsules and components are sourced from Australia, Europe and its own ADK Custom Shop. 

Visit www.hearthegear.com for soundbyte samples. 

ADK are assured to become a favorite for rock-n-roll, orchestral, jazz, room ambience miking and classical acoustic instrument recordings. You will be quite pleased with your purchase!
ADK ODIN, high 150db SPL fet cardioid microphone w/ individual attenuation and cut/boost filter switches, swivel stand mount, $269.00
ADK THOR high 150 db SPL omni-cardioid-fig.8 fet microphone, w/ individual attenuation and cut/boost filter switches, swivel mount, wood mic box, $395.00
ADK Cremona 251 fet omni-cardioid-fig.8 microphone; $1400.00
ADK TT GK67AU 9-pattern tube microphone system, $1400.00
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